Mural workshop with kids at Mara Mandic primary school

Pancevo, Serbia, 10 June 2021 Our dear friend, painter and musician Katie Woznicki from Ohio, USA, has just accomplished this amazing wall with students from Mara Mandic, primary school for kids with special needs in Pancevo, Serbia. The action follows up on the workshops and painting sessions we started at the same spot in 2020Continue reading “Mural workshop with kids at Mara Mandic primary school”

Graffitti workshop with design students in Sabac, Serbia

October 2020 – we hosted a small workshop with students of design school in Sabac, Serbia, with generous support of Festival Na Sopstveni Pogon and Jovan Shpira Obradovic accompanied by Aleksandar Buncic. The action was funded by Ministry of Culture of Serbia and NKSS – independent cultural scene of Serbia umbrella network. Video by DarkoContinue reading “Graffitti workshop with design students in Sabac, Serbia”


July 2015 /Greg Bishop, Joris Goulenok, Kermit Dee, accompanied by Belgrade based Linnch, Djuradj Stevanovic, Sretan Bor, EmaEmaEma, RageFreaks, Ligoff/ FOUnding members of legendary French collective Jeanspezial have visited Serbia, accompanied by Parisian dj Kermit Dee of Jekyll et Hyde collective. This was a great opportunity to host a collective expo together with local forcesContinue reading “JEANSPEZIAL IN BELGRADE”


July, 2014 In cooperation with curators from Berlin-based Neurotitan gallery, we had great opportunity to work with the members of German-Austrian collective The Weird. During they stay in Serbia, a total eruption of creativity took place, resulting in exhibition at Urban Incubator gallery in Savamala, Belgrade, /might be important to mention that all art forContinue reading “BELGRADE GOES WEIRD”

Dj Frit, Weird Rave in Klepsydra

Paris-based dj Yann Le Frit generously made this mix for the opening of the DZAIZKU’s Klepsydra exhibition at Parisian alternative cultural center “2+1”, in late December 2020. Mix, as well as the exhibition itself, are inspired by the local urban legend of mythical squat named Klepsydra that allegedly existed in Paris in late 1980’s. /more info below both in French and English/.