Conversation between TKV and Aleksandar Zograf, March 2022. In this episode of Street Art Residencies podcast, our friend Aleksandar Zograf interviewed TKV, one of the most persistent, active and internationally recognized stencil street artist from Belgrade. Two artists from different generations and different fields, that is – comics/graphic storytelling and street art, but with sameContinue reading “ARTISTS HAVE TO TALK TO EACH OTHER”


Conversation with Jana Danilovic, Serbia TRANSCRIPT : Vladimir Palibrk: Hello everyone. Welcome to the, believe it or not, the first episode of Street Art Residencies Podcast. Our small project has been active since some five, six years, and it’s just now that we’re are starting actually a series of interviews and talks with different artistsContinue reading “THE SCENE IS GROWING IN THE WAYS AND PLACES ONE CANNOT ANTICIPATE”

Co-Orbitals mix by Ana Radonja

One more contributor to the Klepsydra expo soundtrack, deep digger and connesseuse of frequencies that send the breeze up your spine and skin, our friend Ana from the global introvert dj’s network has dedicated her attention this time to the resonance of the fluid aura of souls and entities that frequented through mythical rave partiesContinue reading “Co-Orbitals mix by Ana Radonja”

Graffitti workshop with design students in Sabac, Serbia

October 2020 – we hosted a small workshop with students of design school in Sabac, Serbia, with generous support of Festival Na Sopstveni Pogon and Jovan Shpira Obradovic accompanied by Aleksandar Buncic. The action was funded by Ministry of Culture of Serbia and NKSS – independent cultural scene of Serbia umbrella network. Video by DarkoContinue reading “Graffitti workshop with design students in Sabac, Serbia”

Niko Yang – Klepsydra mix

NIKO YANG /Belgrade, Serbia/ – easily moving from the deep melancholic moods of industrial landscapes in toxic suburbs of Belgrade, to the premium hardness of techno and trance, composer and producer Niko Yang is a master craftsman of hypnotic beats, managing to externalize the most subtle personal and collective feelings that many are not evenContinue reading “Niko Yang – Klepsydra mix”

Dj Frit, Weird Rave in Klepsydra

Paris-based dj Yann Le Frit generously made this mix for the opening of the DZAIZKU’s Klepsydra exhibition at Parisian alternative cultural center “2+1”, in late December 2020. Mix, as well as the exhibition itself, are inspired by the local urban legend of mythical squat named Klepsydra that allegedly existed in Paris in late 1980’s. /more info below both in French and English/.