July, 2014 In cooperation with curators from Berlin-based Neurotitan gallery, we had great opportunity to work with the members of German-Austrian collective The Weird. During they stay in Serbia, a total eruption of creativity took place, resulting in exhibition at Urban Incubator gallery in Savamala, Belgrade, /might be important to mention that all art forContinue reading “BELGRADE GOES WEIRD”

Dj Frit, Weird Rave in Klepsydra

Paris-based dj Yann Le Frit generously made this mix for the opening of the DZAIZKU’s Klepsydra exhibition at Parisian alternative cultural center “2+1”, in late December 2020. Mix, as well as the exhibition itself, are inspired by the local urban legend of mythical squat named Klepsydra that allegedly existed in Paris in late 1980’s. /more info below both in French and English/.