Natasa Zivkov Stojkov

October 2021

In the late October 2021, we hosted another street art jam, this time at the primary school Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj in beautiful town of Zrenjanin, north Serbia. The workshop was led by Jovan Shpira Obradovic and Aleksandar Buncic , and resulted in total of 14 new murals at the walls of the school yard!

Shpira Obradovic

Conceptually, the variety of styles and topics treated in these 14 wall paintings was united by choosing the same selection of colors for all the artworks. We had very wide selection of participants between 6 and 76 years of age, starting with 6 years old school kids followed by the teenagers, their professors, even the retired parents of the older participants…for the local scene, quite notable and important was participation of Daniel Pengrapher, young multidisciplinary artist from Nigeria, and Aleksandra Vrebalov, New York-based music composer of Serbian origin, famous for her works with Kronos Quartet – at our workshop, she made her first mural ever!

Daniel Pengrapher, Nigeria
A. Vrebalov USA/Serbia

Another mural debut was done by our curator Dzaizku, with a generous help of his kid. The whole two-days process was documented by Darko Pavlovic /Medianova/ and Veronika Spalajkovic-Vegas. Big thanks to NKSS network, to the teachers from the Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj school for their support, and to Rastko Stefanovic from association ALUZ, our local coordination partner.

Aleksandar Buncic, Serbia
Ana Stanar
Nina Stanar
Milica Stanar
Una Sevaljevic
Milica Ognjenovic
Filip Popov

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