July 2015

/Greg Bishop, Joris Goulenok, Kermit Dee, accompanied by Belgrade based Linnch, Djuradj Stevanovic, Sretan Bor, EmaEmaEma, RageFreaks, Ligoff/

FOUnding members of legendary French collective Jeanspezial have visited Serbia, accompanied by Parisian dj Kermit Dee of Jekyll et Hyde collective. This was a great opportunity to host a collective expo together with local forces in the windows of Institut Francais Belgrade, as well for a blossoming jam together with Belgrade-based artists in the center of pedestrian zone, followed by dj sets of Kermit Dee and Pann+Onn. /photos/

After Belgrade,  JEANSPEZIALS moved some 20km north to city of Pancevo, where another jam took place together with Linnch and Boris Stanic.

More links and infos:

Sretan Bor
Stevan Lončarević alias Ligoff
Gregory Banas/Bishop Jeanspezial collective, Paris, France
Joris Goulenok /Jeanspezial
Kermit Dee /

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